The Most Handsome Coaches in NFL History

Who would you pick as the most handsome coach in NFL history? Maybe it’s someone currently leading a team in the National Football League. Maybe it’s an old-schooler.

We surveyed a group of six female NFL fans and showed them photos of more than 200 NFL head coaches, from the 1930s to current day. Once they stopped screaming at us to stop sending them photos of middle-aged men wearing headsets and polyester shirts, we tallied their favorites.

What we have here are four tiers, each with eight coaches. Tell us your favorites or who we missed in the comments section at the bottom.

Tier I: Sean, Bud, Landry & LaFleur

Clockwise from top left: Sean McVay, Tom Landry, Mike Tomlin, Bud Grant, Kliff Kingsbury, Matt LaFleur, Dick Vermeil, Tom Flores.

Tier II: Ditka, Lovie, Pete & Bart

Clockwise from top left: Mike Ditka, Lovie Smith, Bart Starr, Frank Filchock. Homer Rice. George Allen, Jim Mora, and Pete Carroll.

Tier III: Shula, Shanny & Mooch

Clockwise from top left: Don Shula, Brian Flores, Kevin O’Connell, Kyle Shanahan, Mike Nolan, Steve Mariucci, Buck Shaw, and Anthony Lynn.

Tier IV: Jimmy, Dutch, Svare & Stefanski

Clockwise from top left: Jimmy Johnson, Al Davis, Bill Walsh, Josh McDaniels, Chuck Knox, Kevin Stefanski, Harland Svare, and Dutch Clark.

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